“Build Your Own Health” Online Course


Tired of listening to other people’s opinion on how your life should look like these days? 

Do you often feel that your life isn’t as fulfilling as you’d like it to be?

Would you like to have a healthier lifestyle?

Thinking about bringing sustainable habits into your daily life but don’t know where to start?


I know, this can be quite stressful and overwhelming. And you’re probably feeling very tired by now.

Having a healthy or a fulfilling lifestyle isn’t a one size fits all. And it may look different for everyone.

It depends on you. Who you are, your personal values, your reality and what you treasure the most.

Trying to be perfect or to live up to everyone’s expectations can be exhausting and dishonest (to yourself). Sooner or later you’ll feel frustrated and burnout, because you’re not doing your thing.

I’ve been there before. I’ve done those things myself. And sometimes I was even afraid to breathe, because I was afraid of bothering someone.

I wasn’t fully living. I was actually fooling myself, trying to be someone that I am not.

I know it’s hard to break the glass and live up to who you are. But it’s the most wonderful thing you can ever do for yourself.

Stand up, fight for yourself and get to know the ACTUAL YOU.


Who is this course for?

This course was created especially for women going through periods of change and personal development. Busy women who would like to have a more fulfilling lifestyle, but because of all the information out there… they feel lost and have no clue where to start.

How does this course works?

The “Build your own health” is a three month course that will start on September 2nd.


What will you learn?

Month One (September) - Healthy Eating

“You are what you eat!”

Learning how to eat well is the first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. 

This module will be all about the fundamentals of eating well. All the information you need to make accurate choices and create your own healthy lifestyle.

Because with all the information out there, you might be feeling a bit confused or overwhelmed by now.

Week 1: Ingredients that are good for you

Week 2: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle 

Week 3: Being healthy on a budget

Week 4: Healthy off the plate 

Month Two (October) - Personal Development

“You are more than what you eat!”

We’ve seen how food (and the quality of what you eat) can influence your health and wellness, but if you’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship, a job that leaves you feeling burnout or you’re struggling with different areas of your life… you can eat all the broccoli in the world and still feel that something is missing in your life.

In this module you’ll find out which areas of your life need improvement, which tools you can use and how to create a plan to improve your life.

Week 1: What’s missing in your life?

Week 2: Putting yourself first

Week 3: It’s ok to fail!

Week 4: Setting up a plan

Month Three (November) - Sustainable Lifestyle

“All you need is less!”

In this module you’ll be introduced to the sustainable lifestyle basics and all the simple swaps that  you need to know in order to reduce your environmental impact. On a budget, as always.

Week 1: Zero Waste Essentials

Week 2: How to create a sustainable lifestyle?

Week 3: Becoming (more) minimalist

Week 4: Sustainable fashion

What does this course includes?

  • Online classes (video and written) delivered to your e-mail box twice per week, during 12 weeks.

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can find support from your peers and me.

  • One monthly group call.

  • Unlimited personal support given by me during the course (Facebook group and e-mail). Response given within 24h.