How to stay healthy when you move abroad?


There is something romantic about moving to a new country, leaving everything behind and starting a new adventure… but it can be pretty hard as well.

A year and a half ago I left my sunny (and beloved) Lisbon to start from scratch in Madrid. I left my entire life behind just two weeks after receiving a job offer. Crazy, right?!

The first months were hard and hectic. And it took me nearly a year to find a routine that suited me. 

I know that this is a common problem among expats, so I’ve came up with a few tips that will help you stay on track wherever you are.


Walk, walk, walk…

Besides being the best way to discover your new town, you’re also working out at the same time. And it’s good for the environment as well.

Enrol in a gym you like

I know it can be quite tempting to enrol at the first gym that you run into but… maybe you should wait a bit longer. Find a few options near home or work, ask for a tour, compare the features and prices. In the end, sign up for that one that can’t get out of your head.

Take healthy snacks and water with you

It can be hard (and expensive) to be healthy on the go. My trick? Pack up fruit, rice cakes and nuts. It’s easy, nutritious and you have a nice option at hand whenever you feel hungry. Invest in a nice reusable bottle (it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive) and make it your travel companion. Your health will thank you!

Cook once, eat twice

During the weekend, after my weekly trip to the supermarket, I cook for about one or two hours. Quinoa, rice, vegetables, quiche… whatever we feel like having during the next couple of days. This allows me to keep on track. Not only in terms of health (I know what I am eating), but also in terms of finances… as it’s cheaper than eating out everyday.

Be kind to yourself

Moving abroad is challenging. Everything is new. And you’re going through so many changes all at once. So be gentle to yourself. Accept the reality. Listen to your body. Give yourself some rest. You’re already being so brave. Don’t forget about it!