5 zero waste habits that you can easily fit into your life


Zero waste, sustainable, plastic free… you’ve probably heard these expressions before. But how can you change your habits into more sustainable ones?

I’ve been concerned about the environment for most of my life. Taking public transportation, walking a lot, recycling… but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I became more concerned about my daily habits and what I could do to reduce my footprint.

Yes, brands are becoming more aware about the problem. And there are really nice products popping up every other week, but being zero waste doesn’t have to be a synonym of going on a shopping spree and blowing up the bank.

Even though I’ve invested in a couple of things and swapped some products (mostly beauty supplies), there are plenty of things that you might already have at home and that will help you have a zero waste life.


Use glass jars

Before you go to the store and get plenty of mason jars (cute, I know), just look around at what you already have at home. You might have some old jam jars or even some jars of chickpeas in your pantry. Don’t throw these away. Clean them and reuse them.

Storage your weekly meals, ingredients that you’ve got at the bulk store, put some flowers or even to tidy up your desk.

Buy in bulk

Just like your grandma used to do. Look for the one in your neighbourhood and buy the amount you need (or fancy). Most of these stores no longer have plastic bags. Also, you’re more than welcome to bring your own jars with you. This way, you’re not only helping the planet but also saving time… as you no longer have to store your ingredients when you get home.

Get a reusable bottle

How many plastic bottles do you usually use per week? Ok, multiply that for a month and then for a year. Scary, right?! You can easily get this solved by getting a reusable bottle. There are plenty of options out there and at quite affordable prices. Just get one you love and carry it with you. Your health and wallet will thank you as well. If you can get one made of glass, that’s a plus!

Take a tote bag with you

Remember that bag made of fabric that you’ve got at some store for free? Yeah, that’s exactly what I am talking about. Take one with you inside your purse and backpack. So next time you need to grab something from the supermarket on the way home, you can say no to the plastic bag and save yourself a couple of cents. 

Say no to disposable cups

Taking a coffee to go can be practical and stylish, but it’s not good for the environment as most of the cups aren’t recyclable. The solution? Make yourself time to have a quiet coffee (you deserve it) or take a reusable cup with you. There are plenty of options out there and at different price ranges. Also, your can reuse a small-medium size glass jar that you already have at home and decorate it with the elastic bands (like the ones you get with your asparagus). 

Easy, right?!

Feel free to share your own tips in the comment area.