3 Month Program


Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to try new things, see what works best for you and make it part of your routine.

As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I know that there isn’t a one solution fits all.

Everybody is different and we are all going through different life paths and changes.


What is this program all about?

  • Helping women identify the areas of their lives that need some change and create a plan.

  • Supporting healthy and sustainable habits that are easy to keep.

  • Creating a lifestyle they feel comfortable with and that are proud of.

  • Having someone supporting you during the whole process and introducing changes along the way.

What this program isn’t about?

  • Dieting and restrictive eating.

Who is this program is designed for?

  • Busy women who want to improve their overall health, but don’t think they have time (or money) for it.

  • Women who are going through periods of change and need support. For example: moving abroad or changing their careers.

  • Women who want to lose or gain weight, but haven’t found the right plan yet.

What’s the duration?

  • This program is 3 months long. So you can introduce some changes into your lifestyle and see what works best for you: on and off the plate.


It includes:

  • Two private coaching sessions per month (50 minutes).

  • Plan of Action.

  • Materials (handouts, recipes…).

  • Supermarket tour or pantry makeover.

  • Exclusive Facebook group.

  • Support between sessions.


Unsure if this program is for you?

Nobody knows, as each case is different. That’s why I invite you to book a FREE Discovery Session with me, so you can know more about how I work and find out if we are the right fit.