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Life is all about balance



create a life you love

Does change scare you?

Eating healthier, working out, losing weight, improving your relationships, getting a new job, moving to a different city, leaving what no longer suits you… can be quite stressful and daunting. I’ve been there before. And girl, I’ve got your back on this one.


Hey girl!

I am Marisa Alexandra Batista, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. I haven’t always had a healthy lifestyle myself. In the past I’ve struggled with weight issues, orthorexia, anxiety, low self-esteem and a burnout.

Reeducating the way I ate, having a cheat meal here and then, finding routines that were meaningful to me and changing my mindset allowed me to reach a healthier lifestyle.

I am now a 32 year old Portuguese expat living in Madrid, where I’ve found love and balance. Living life at a slower pace and inspiring others to do the same.

Because life is all about balance!



Create a lifestyle that suits you!

Living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle can be different for everyone. There is no “one solution fits all”. Each person is a world on its own and might be seen as such. That’s why I tailor all my recommendations according to each person’s needs, lifestyle goals and budget.


Set a goal

Creating a plan that suits your lifestyle and having someone that will keep you accountable, is work half done when it comes to reaching your goals. Get ready to change your life on and off the plate.


nutrients, not calories!

Eating in a healthy way doesn’t have to be expensive, nor complicated. Discover how to improve your health and gain energy with simple, yet nourishing meals (on a budget) that don’t take long to cook.


live slower

Rushing through life, multitasking and not creating time for yourself? Ohh I know that feeling so well. Good news: you don’t have to keep living that way to create the life you want.


become more sustainable

Are you concerned about the environment? Well, there are a few things you can do. And no, you don’t have to spend a lot of money (nor time) to live a zero waste life.

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too afraid to change?

Girl, I’ve got your back!


No matter what you’re going through, I’ve probably been there myself. Or helped someone in a similar situation. I know that sharing something private or seeking for help can be difficult sometimes, but I can tell you that I wouldn’t be here myself, if I haven’t asked for help in the past.

Marisa helped me get my days and health on track with easy to prepare healthy breakfast recipes.
— Karen Rosenblum
Marisa is knowledgeable. She doesn’t only share tips about eating healthy, but about living a healthy lifestyle in its whole. 100% recommended.
— Laura Plasencia Socas
Everybody loves food. And now my relationship with it is MUCH healthier and less full of guilt. My health coach is a HUGE part of my mental transformation.
— Ellie Merryweather